Third Party Presidential Debate Drinking Game!

October 23, 2012

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama might get the most news coverage, but they aren't your only choices.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 is the Third Party Candidate Debate, organized by Free & Equal, and moderated by Larry King. Watch it on C-SPAN or on Free & Equal's site.

Select a candidate to drink to

It doesn't have to be the Candidate you plan to vote for - in fact it's often more fun if it isn't. If you are at a party, try assigning candidates randomly to the guests.

Take a drink* every time your candidate says anything on his/her list

If you are drinking to
Rocky Anderson (Justice Party):

Immoral Wars
Military-Industrial Complex
Indefinite Detention Financial Elite
Rule of Law
Imperial Presidency Climate Change
Law-Abiding Immigrants


If you are drinking to
Jill Stein
(Green Party):

New Deal
Tax Giveaways
Student Debt
Green Jobs
Oil Wars
Human Rights
Working People
Wall Street


If you are drinking to
Virgil Goode (Constitution Party):

Department of Education
Fair Tax
UN (or United Nations) Term Limits

If you are drinking to
Gary Johnson
(Libertarian Party) :

Work Visa
Civil Liberties
National Defense
Second Amendment
Affordable Energy
War on Drugs
Federal Reserve

Thanks to Justin Smith for help with tonight's lists.

Additional drinking opportunities

If you find yourself feeling more sober than you'd like, consider the following suggestions.

Start the night off with a gimme – Take a drink for each person or organization that your candidate thanks in his or her opening remarks.

If your candidate has any type of numbered or multi-step plan – Take one drink for each number.


*Because this may be a high scoring game, we define a drink as a gulp of beer or sip of wine or liquor. Know your limits and please drink responsibly.