The 2019/2020 Democratic Debate Drinking Game - Round 1

With only 17 months until the 2020 election, it is time to kick off the 2019/2020 Debate Drinking season!

The Rules Are Simple

For the early rounds of the debates, each candidate will have the same drink cues (including bonus words).

Select Your Candidate

This is a game afterall, and games are more fun when you are competing.

Listen for the Words on the List

Listen for YOUR candidate to say any of the words on the list and listen for EVERY candidate to say a bonus word. If ANY CANDIDATE says a bonus word, EVERYONE drinks.

Take a Drink when you hear one

Because this may be a high scoring game, we define a drink as a gulp of beer or sip of wine or liquor. Know your limits and please drink responsibly.

The Candidates and their Drink Cues

Check back a few days before each debate for fresh keywords!

Be sure to tune in during the debates to stream our real-time, drink-totaling magic scoreboard!